Stromberg Architectural - About

The Company

The story begins in the 1980s with Lyndon Stromberg. Then a young man of 18, he started a company providing architectural cast stone to mainly residential customers.

Soon business started to flow in and Stromberg Architectural Products, Inc. was founded. Large projects and high profile clients soon found their way to this growing architectural company and expansion started happening.

New materials and products were added at a fast rate, and soon Stromberg Architectural found itself at the forefront of the architectural products industry.

In the early 21st century, new opportunities started to present themselves in the form of revolutionary new production and inventory processes. The subsidiary companies myBaluster, StonePly, Krystaclear and The Mascot Stop were added to the Stromberg family.

Today, The Stromberg Group is the premiere source for architectural products, ranging from residential to large scale commercial, resort, government building and other applications.

We have the experience, knowledge, determination and pride to tackle any job, no matter the size.