Featured Projects

  • 750 E. Pratt

    750 E. Pratt

    Stromberg manufactured a series of architectural concrete columns for this prestigious Maryland office center in 2002.
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  • Ameristar Casino

    Ameristar Casino

    Working with adaptable GFRG and GFRC, Stromberg crafted a number of elements, including panels, sills, and columns.
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  • Atlantis Resort

    Atlantis Resort

    This extensive new construction project involved crafting columns, domes, brackets, custom artwork, and finials using GFRP.
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  • Caesar's Palace

    Caesar's Palace

    This casino features a number of Stromberg-crafted products, including custom sculptures and the world's largest columns.
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  • D.A. Blodgett Building

    D.A. Blodgett Building

    During this extensive renovation project, Stromberg restored the beauty of the structure's balustrade, pilasters, and columns.
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  • Hollywood Casino

    Hollywood Casino

    The glamor of Hollywood was captured in every Stromberg piece, from the huge art deco medallions to the bas relief pilasters.
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  • Opryland, Tennessee

    Opryland, Tennessee

    The column caps, magnificent stained glass dome, and sculptures completed for this hotel all featured a southern music theme.
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  • Winstar World Casino

    Winstar World Casino

    The Winstar World Casino stands as a huge accomplishment for Stromberg Architectural Products that reflects a truly global appreciation for the finer points of design.
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Select Projects

  • 100 Beacon St

    100 Beacon St

    When it came time to restore a 107-year-old treasure in Boston, Stromberg was called in for GFRC elements. more info

  • 1st Bank & Trust

    1st Bank & Trust

    For this bank in Broken Bow, OK, Stromberg crafted a large custom buffalo sculpture entirely in bronze. more info

  • Alabama School

    Alabama School

    At the Alabama School of Math & Science, Stromberg columns add class to the campus' newest academic/recreational building. more info

  • Amherst College

    Amherst College

    Using durable and weather-resistant GFRC, our team produced attractive cornice for this college's new residence halls. more info

  • Anthropologie


    Close to 2,000 custom architectural GFRC blocks were crafted and installed by Stromberg to develop this store's rain screen. more info

  • Atascocita High School

    Atascocita High School

    This Texas high school's new balustrade, cornice, and columns were all crafted from lightweight GFRC. more info

  • Atrias Restaurant

    Atrias Restaurant

    Stromberg used GFRC to create half columns and pilasters, which gave this Ohio restaurant's exterior a truly distinctive look. more info

  • Ave Maria

    Ave Maria

    For the Ave Maria Oratory in Florida, Stromberg crafted panels that have a stone texture and offer superior acoustic performance. more info

  • Bremerton Parking Garage

    Bremerton Parking Garage

    Architectural concrete was the material of choice for this project, which involved crafting columns, bases, and capitals. more info

  • Cabelas


    The ceiling beams at Cabelas look like real wood, but were actually constructed from lightweight Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum. more info

  • Canyon Creek

    Canyon Creek

    Relying on our extensive knowledge of the classical orders, we used GFRP to craft Corinthian columns and matching pilasters.

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  • Caramoor Arts

    Caramoor Arts

    Thanks to the unique properties of GFRC, Stromberg was able to reproduce this country estate's original columns. more info

  • Castle Pines

    Castle Pines

    These basic columns designed and crafted for Castle Pines were made from weather-resistant and lightweight architectural GFRC. more info

  • Cheesecake Factory

    Cheesecake Factory

    Working with architectural fiberglass, GFRG and GFRC, we crafted elements that reflected this business's distinctive flair. more info

  • Chico's


    Stromberg-crafted GFRC molding and panels transformed this Ohio storefront into something truly stylish and eye-catching. more info

  • Children's Hospital

    Children's Hospital

    Five colorful GFRP sculptures - three giraffes, a hippo, and an ostrich - were custom designed and installed by Stromberg. more info

  • Church of the Holy Communion

    Church of the Holy Communion

    Stromberg's GFRC columns were the obvious choice for this landmark Memphis church.
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  • Cinemark - Gulfport

    Cinemark - Gulfport

    When the Cinemark wanted to liven up the appearance of the Gulfport, MS theater's front entry, Stromberg columns were the perfect solution. more info

  • Claremont Inn

    Claremont Inn

    We used cast stone and coral stone to enhance the outside of this inn, which would appeal to the most discerning guests. more info

  • Clark Atlanta University

    Clark Atlanta University

    Stromberg columns help to define the character of this building named for a groundbreaking leader in education. more info

  • Clay Academy

    Clay Academy

    In 2006, Stromberg crafted several imposing Greek Corinthian columns from architectural GFRC for this Texas school. more info

  • Cobb Cinema

    Cobb Cinema

    This large project involved custom designing and painting sculptures, archways, and pilasters to capture the spirit of Hollywood. more info

  • Coleman Coliseum

    Coleman Coliseum

    New GFRC panels and cornice drastically improved the aesthetic appeal of this Alabama coliseum's exterior. more info

  • College of William and Mary

    College of William and Mary

    New columns, cornice, and covers designed to work perfectly with this university's distinctive architectural style were crafted in 2006. more info

  • Commerce Bank

    Commerce Bank

    A lightweight, low maintenance, and moisture-resistant clock surround was fashioned using Stromberg architectural GFRC. more info

  • Conecuh County

    Conecuh County

    Conecuh County's new government center features GFRP elements manufactured by Stromberg Architectural Products. more info

  • Container Store

    Container Store

    An example of a by-gone architectural era, Stromberg provided replacement elements to keep the example shining. more info

  • Coral Gables

    Coral Gables

    This massive project involved producing hundreds of custom columns, as well as Cast Stone coral trim, scuppers, and domes. more info

  • Crescent Hotel

    Crescent Hotel

    Some of the elements Stromberg has produced for this long-time client include GFRC trim and panels that emulate Indiana limestone. more info

  • Custer Methodist

    Custer Methodist

    Greek Corinthian columns of various sizes were made using architectural fiberglass during this ecclesiastical project. more info

  • D.A.R.T.


    When Dallas Area Rapid Transit needed a durable material for the amenities at their high volume rail stations, they turned to Stromberg GFRC. more info

  • Darden


    The stately GFRC columns made by Stromberg feature a smooth texture, and are a vital part of this building's elegant exterior. more info

  • Dawson County Library

    Dawson County Library

    These unusual Stromberg-produced rope columns welcome visitors to the Dawson County Library in Georgia. more info

  • DBU


    Using architectural fiberglass, Stromberg built a clock tower, Corinthian columns, and attractive cornice for the DBU. more info

  • Eastridge Mall

    Eastridge Mall

    This water feature project involved manufacturing several custom abstract sculptures made entirely from architectural fiberglass. more info

  • ECC


    During this project, we designed custom fascia panels and cast nearly 750 feet of GFRC panels and cornice. more info

  • Faith Chapel Christian

    Faith Chapel Christian

    Stromberg's oversized columns in GFRP set an aesthetic tone for the interior of the Faith Chapel Christian Center in Birmingham. more info

  • FDC Seatac

    FDC Seatac

    We used architectural concrete to make new columns, column covers, and column capitals for the FDC Seatac in Washington. more info

  • Federal Reserve Bank

    Federal Reserve Bank

    Stromberg flawlessly recreated over 2000 building pieces to help restore this bank to its original appearance. more info

  • Fendi


    To make this Fendi storefront as exquisite as the products inside, we produced fluted columns, a dome, and eye-catching molding. more info

  • Fiesta Texas

    Fiesta Texas

    For this San Antonio theme park, we produced numerous elements to accentuate the attraction's early Spanish ambiance. more info

  • First Presbyterian Church

    First Presbyterian Church

    Fluted Ionic architectural concrete columns were made by Stromberg and finished to match the surrounding classical church. more info

  • Forney Community Park

    Forney Community Park

    Sometimes architectural products can be downright fun, such as creating the cotton bales that welcome families to the community park in Forney, Texas. more info

  • Forsythe


    The restoration of this historic Georgia building was successful thanks to Stromberg's advanced materials and molding process. more info

  • Galleria Tower II

    Galleria Tower II

    These appealing Stromberg-crafted GFRC parapet panels stood up to the awesome power of Hurricane Ike without sustaining damage. more info

  • George Bush Airport

    George Bush Airport

    In 2004, Stromberg created 83 architectural concrete bollards to control vehicle access and protect the safety of pedestrians. more info

  • Georgetown Council

    Georgetown Council

    Stromberg cornice and panels enhance the interior and exterior of the Georgetown Council Chambers. more info

  • Georgia State and College

    Georgia State and College

    Stromberg GFRC columns are a prominent feature at the historic campus of Georgia College and State University. more info

  • Gonzales County Courthouse

    Gonzales County Courthouse

    Everything about this Texas courthouse is unique, including the Cast Stone cupola built by Stromberg in 1996. more info

  • Greenville Sports Park

    Greenville Sports Park

    Using architectural fiberglass, Stromberg's experts were able to craft several colorful and realistic sports-themed sculptures. more info

  • Heidi's Deli

    Heidi's Deli

    This storefront was transformed into something memorable with GFRP valance panels, surrounds, and parapet caps. more info

  • Hershey Store

    Hershey Store

    We transported the Hershey store back in time by producing more than 100 pieces that simulated brick from the early 20th century. more info

  • Howard Baker Courthouse

    Howard Baker Courthouse

    Renovations to this expansive courthouse's columns and cornice were completed using lightweight and tough architectural concrete. more info

  • Isola Bella

    Isola Bella

    Working with cast stone and advanced composites, Stromberg crafted fountain rings, cupolas, and columns for these Texas condos. more info

  • J. Murrey Atkins Library

    J. Murrey Atkins Library

    The façade of this library was greatly enhanced by Stromberg-made GFRC architectural panels, sills, and caps. more info

  • Jackson Memorial Baptist

    Jackson Memorial Baptist

    From the columns of the sanctuary to the pulpit itself, Stromberg quality enhances this Baptist church in Atlanta, GA. more info

  • Jared Jewelry

    Jared Jewelry

    Diamond medallions, custom cornice, lintels, and numerous panels were all made for this store specializing in fine jewelry. more info

  • Kavanaugh Methodist

    Kavanaugh Methodist

    Using Cast Stone, Stromberg's renovation team was able to restore this impressive structure's columns to their original splendor. more info

  • La Quinta Inn

    La Quinta Inn

    This inn's ringed fountain featuring detailed horse sculptures was renovated by Stromberg with GFRS and architectural concrete. more info

  • Little Pine Lake

    Little Pine Lake

    Newly-constructed cast stone and GFRC panels, balustrade, surrounds, and fireplace mantels were all part of this project's scope. more info

  • Mamaroneck Ave. School

    Mamaroneck Ave. School

    To complement its 2006 building addition, this elementary school chose GFRC cornice designed and manufactured by Stromberg. more info

  • Marriot


    This notable Orlando hotel features a Stromberg-designed and crafted cupola and dome made from architectural concrete. more info

  • Medford Library

    Medford Library

    Stromberg used weather-resistant and versatile GFRC to craft new architectural cornice for this Oregon library in 2004. more info

  • Mirage


    We built a magnificent entry arch reminiscent of an ancient stone structure featuring tiger sculptures and dolphins in bas relief. more info

  • Newport News Police

    Newport News Police

    The entire façade of this building was revamped with Stromberg columns, roof panels, bases, cornice, and entrances. more info

  • North Shore College

    North Shore College

    Strong, lightweight, and fireproof GFRC pilasters were custom designed and crafted for this award-winning campus building. more info

  • Old Dominion University

    Old Dominion University

    Using architectural precast, Stromberg's experts were able to create coping and panels to enhance this building's exterior. more info

  • Old Parkland Hospital

    Old Parkland Hospital

    Columns, cornice, and balustrade were designed and cast in GFRC to add to this historic building's original design. more info

  • One Morrocroft Centre

    One Morrocroft Centre

    To complete the traditional Georgian look of this building, Stromberg crafted GFRC Tuscan columns, balustrade, fountains, and more. more info

  • Opryland, Florida

    Opryland, Florida

    A realistic stone finish was applied to the various GFRP elements made during this project, which included balustrade and columns. more info

  • Orange County Courthouse

    Orange County Courthouse

    The sturdy railing seen on this courthouse was crafted from durable and moldable architectural fiberglass in 2002. more info

  • Orleans Casino

    Orleans Casino

    In 1997, Stromberg helped make this casino more inviting for guests by renovating its pilasters, arches, columns, and keystones. more info

  • Palmilla Resort

    Palmilla Resort

    Stromberg's stained glass wall panels, surrounds, trim, and moldings are all crucial components of this resort's exotic flair. more info

  • Pan Asia Bistro

    Pan Asia Bistro

    Stromberg used architectural fiberglass to create fixture pieces and stately lion sculptures to welcome patrons. more info

  • Paris Cancer Center

    Paris Cancer Center

    In 1992, Stromberg built a port cochere from Cast Stone for this medical facility to protect vehicles and patients from the elements. more info

  • Pierce Laboratory

    Pierce Laboratory

    Architectural concrete was used to produce lightweight custom cornice for this impressive Georgian-style building. more info

  • Portofino


    Custom antique statues, bas relief, spires, and fountains were developed with this mall's distinctive Mediterranean theme in mind.

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  • Prettyman Courthouse

    Prettyman Courthouse

    This courthouse's bollards, constructed of GFRC, enhance both the security of the structure and its visual appeal. more info

  • Pu'ukohola National Park

    Pu'ukohola National Park

    For the national park in Kuwaihae, Stromberg provided a solution that was agreeable to both the client and the ancient island spirits. more info

  • R.E. Berry

    R.E. Berry

    This complete balustrade system was manufactured and finished to complement the building's accents and its brick façade. more info

  • REI Round Rock

    REI Round Rock

    When REI wanted visual impact at their new Round Rock facility, they chose GFRP panels that recreated mammoth-sized stone blocks. more info

  • Restoration Hardware

    Restoration Hardware

    Stromberg provided columns for the top name in home d�cor in one of Cincinnati's most prestigious shopping centers. more info

  • Ridge at Meadowlake

    Ridge at Meadowlake

    Stromberg wall caps and finials provided the crowning touch for the exterior design of this apartment community in Conway, AR. more info

  • Rose State College

    Rose State College

    Using architectural concrete, we were able to mold durable columns and panels quickly and precisely for Rose State College. more info

  • San Jose State

    San Jose State

    The Stromberg-constructed custom spires and bases on this student housing complex are undoubtedly the building's focal point. more info

  • Schenectady City Hall

    Schenectady City Hall

    We renovated this building's cornice and panels in 2006 to ensure the structure would retain its splendor for years to come. more info

  • Shalimar


    Our work is a vital part of this splendid building's design, which features medallions, sculpture, and gold-inspired railings. more info

  • Smithsonian


    Thirteen GFRP panels were custom designed and constructed to create an awe-inspiring replica of the night sky. more info

  • Southlands


    Several custom GFRP domes, including one inspired by a lantern, were manufactured for this notable Colorado plaza. more info

  • Spinnaker Bay

    Spinnaker Bay

    A single cornice and more than 2000 marble-inspired panels were completed during this huge undertaking.

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  • St. Anthony

    St. Anthony

    A marble baptismal font and an ornate Baldachin featuring columns, a dome, and a religious sculpture were crafted for this church. more info

  • St. Bernard's

    St. Bernard's

    Strombergs GFRG panels helped to restore this beautiful historic church following a devastating fire. more info

  • St. Johns

    St. Johns

    Textured architectural fiberglass architectural domes were finished with a bold red hue and crowned with ornate crosses. more info

  • St. Mark the Evangelist

    St. Mark the Evangelist

    The construction of St. Mark the Evangelist allowed Stromberg the opportunity to display the intricate design possibilities of GFRG. more info

  • St. Michael

    St. Michael

    Most notable among the elements crafted by Stromberg for this parish are the numerous identical columns surrounding the structure. more info

  • St. Peter Church

    St. Peter Church

    This massive renovation project involved molding more than 3,000 pieces designed to match the original structure exactly.

    more info

  • Stephen F. Austin

    Stephen F. Austin

    Stromberg's GFRC elements on Stephen F. Austin's new $30 million student center deliver style with the added bonus of durability. more info

  • Summerville Baptist Church

    Summerville Baptist Church

    A cross made of Stromberg GFRG provides the sanctuary of this Alabama church with a simple, yet elegant focal point. more info

  • Texas State Capitol

    Texas State Capitol

    This important renovation involved not only restoring existing elements, but also working with historians and conducting research. more info

  • Texas Womans University

    Texas Womans University

    Stromberg's architectural GFRC coping, panels, and trim helped to add appeal to this historical Texas university's façade. more info

  • The Mansion

    The Mansion

    The columns, cupolas, and surrounds developed by Stromberg work together flawlessly to create a coherent exterior design. more info

  • The Pentagon

    The Pentagon

    The celebrated bas relief soldier wall in The Pentagon was crafted with adaptable and lightweight Stromberg GFRG. more info

  • Trustmark Bank

    Trustmark Bank

    Stromberg's GFRP elements combine Colonial-inspired styling with extended durability at this Tennessee bank location. more info

  • University of Utah

    University of Utah

    Panels and wall caps were crafted from architectural concrete to make this university's exterior less monotonous and plain. more info

  • Vanderbilt University

    Vanderbilt University

    When renovating a historic college campus, quality is the highest priority. Stromberg offers the highest quality in the industry. more info

  • Walla Walla University

    Walla Walla University

    Columns and cornice crafted by Stromberg were finished in identical colors to ensure they would work together flawlessly. more info

  • Youngstown


    This building's classical columns create a grand entryway. They were meticulously renovated by Stromberg in 2005. more info