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  • Conecuh County

    Conecuh County

    Conecuh County's new government center features GFRP elements manufactured by Stromberg Architectural Products. more info

  • ECC


    During this project, we designed custom fascia panels and cast nearly 750 feet of GFRC panels and cornice. more info

  • Federal Reserve Bank

    Federal Reserve Bank

    Stromberg flawlessly recreated over 2000 building pieces to help restore this bank to its original appearance. more info

  • Georgetown Council

    Georgetown Council

    Stromberg cornice and panels enhance the interior and exterior of the Georgetown Council Chambers. more info

  • Gonzales County Courthouse

    Gonzales County Courthouse

    Everything about this Texas courthouse is unique, including the Cast Stone cupola built by Stromberg in 1996. more info

  • Howard Baker Courthouse

    Howard Baker Courthouse

    Renovations to this expansive courthouse's columns and cornice were completed using lightweight and tough architectural concrete. more info

  • Newport News Police

    Newport News Police

    The entire façade of this building was revamped with Stromberg columns, roof panels, bases, cornice, and entrances. more info

  • Orange County Courthouse

    Orange County Courthouse

    The sturdy railing seen on this courthouse was crafted from durable and moldable architectural fiberglass in 2002. more info

  • Prettyman Courthouse

    Prettyman Courthouse

    This courthouse's bollards, constructed of GFRC, enhance both the security of the structure and its visual appeal. more info

  • Schenectady City Hall

    Schenectady City Hall

    We renovated this building's cornice and panels in 2006 to ensure the structure would retain its splendor for years to come. more info

  • Texas State Capitol

    Texas State Capitol

    This important renovation involved not only restoring existing elements, but also working with historians and conducting research. more info

  • Youngstown


    This building's classical columns create a grand entryway. They were meticulously renovated by Stromberg in 2005. more info