Select Projects

  • Ave Maria

    Ave Maria

    For the Ave Maria Oratory in Florida, Stromberg crafted panels that have a stone texture and offer superior acoustic performance. more info

  • Canyon Creek

    Canyon Creek

    Relying on our extensive knowledge of the classical orders, we used GFRP to craft Corinthian columns and matching pilasters.

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  • Church of the Holy Communion

    Church of the Holy Communion

    Stromberg's GFRC columns were the obvious choice for this landmark Memphis church.
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  • Custer Methodist

    Custer Methodist

    Greek Corinthian columns of various sizes were made using architectural fiberglass during this ecclesiastical project. more info

  • Faith Chapel Christian

    Faith Chapel Christian

    Stromberg's oversized columns in GFRP set an aesthetic tone for the interior of the Faith Chapel Christian Center in Birmingham. more info

  • First Presbyterian Church

    First Presbyterian Church

    Fluted Ionic architectural concrete columns were made by Stromberg and finished to match the surrounding classical church. more info

  • Jackson Memorial Baptist

    Jackson Memorial Baptist

    From the columns of the sanctuary to the pulpit itself, Stromberg quality enhances this Baptist church in Atlanta, GA. more info

  • Kavanaugh Methodist

    Kavanaugh Methodist

    Using Cast Stone, Stromberg's renovation team was able to restore this impressive structure's columns to their original splendor. more info

  • St. Anthony

    St. Anthony

    A marble baptismal font and an ornate Baldachin featuring columns, a dome, and a religious sculpture were crafted for this church. more info

  • St. Bernard's

    St. Bernard's

    Strombergs GFRG panels helped to restore this beautiful historic church following a devastating fire. more info

  • St. Johns

    St. Johns

    Textured architectural fiberglass architectural domes were finished with a bold red hue and crowned with ornate crosses. more info

  • St. Mark the Evangelist

    St. Mark the Evangelist

    The construction of St. Mark the Evangelist allowed Stromberg the opportunity to display the intricate design possibilities of GFRG. more info

  • St. Peter Church

    St. Peter Church

    This massive renovation project involved molding more than 3,000 pieces designed to match the original structure exactly.

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  • Summerville Baptist Church

    Summerville Baptist Church

    A cross made of Stromberg GFRG provides the sanctuary of this Alabama church with a simple, yet elegant focal point. more info