• Animals


    Our colorful GFRP animal sculptures can brighten up any indoor or outdoor space. Ideal for all types of kid-friendly environments. more info

  • Balustrade


    Stromberg has dozens of balustrade designs for your balcony or staircase. Offered in GFRP, GFRC and GFRS. more info

  • Barrel Vaulting

    Barrel Vaulting

    Add drama and enhance the appeal of any space with barrel vaulting by Stromberg. Standard and custom designs available. more info

  • Bas Relief

    Bas Relief

    We can produce classical, modern, and custom bas relief using GFRP, architectural concrete, and other adaptable materials. more info

  • Bases


    Bases by Stromberg are strong, weather-resistant, and attractive. They can be crafted to complement classical or modern columns. more info

  • Bollards


    Bollards and security planters make streets safe for pedestrians, children and seniors. Streets become safer and more livable. more info

  • Brackets


    Colorful, understated, or ornate brackets can be developed by our skilled artisans. Instantly add variety and attract attention. more info

  • Cartouche


    Cartouche is a truly exotic and striking architectural element. We can cast your cartouche in GFRC, GFRP, and other materials. more info

  • Ceilings


    Lights, layers, textures, colors, and complex shapes are some of the characteristics of Stromberg's magnificent ceilings. more info

  • Cladding Panels

    Cladding Panels

    GFRC cladding offers numerous benefits to the architect, contractor and the owner over other types of cladding or curtain wall.

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  • Columns


    Stromberg Architectural can produce all five major classical column orders, as well as modern and custom designs. more info

  • Cornice


    Choose from hundreds of cornice designs to accent your building's façade. Available in versatile GFRP and architectural concrete. more info

  • Cupolas


    Cupolas are a beautiful way to crown a roof, bell tower, or prodigious dome. Our cupolas are lightweight and weather-resistant. more info

  • Domes


    Domes are an extraordinary addition to any building. We specialize in coffered, onion, interior domes and cupolas. more info

  • Door Surrounds

    Door Surrounds

    Door surrounds accentuate entryways and mark the entrance to important rooms. We can make door surrounds to suit any space. more info

  • Doors


    Using architectural fiberglass, we can construct metal clad doors and doors that emulate wood. Custom designs are available.

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  • Entablature


    The architrave, frieze, and cornice comprise an edifice's entablature. We have entablature designs to suit columns of all types. more info

  • Entryways


    Welcome guests and customers with one of our grand entryways. With our custom design process, the possibilities are limitless. more info

  • Finials


    Finials are an easy way to add a finishing touch to structures. Using GFRC or GFRP, we can mold finials into any shape you choose. more info

  • Fireplaces


    Basic or highly ornate, expertly-crafted fireplaces are superb additions to outdoor kitchens, living rooms, and hotel lobbies. more info

  • Fountain pools

    Fountain pools

    Available in almost any size, shape, and color conceivable, our fountain pools are sure to dazzle and delight your guests. more info

  • Fountains and Rings

    Fountains and Rings

    Fountains with rings, grand waterfalls, and compact wall fountains all provide the tranquil and enticing sound of flowing water. more info

  • Gazebos


    Our gazebos provide an ideal place to relax outdoors. Lightweight GFRP and GFRC gazebos can be transported and installed easily. more info

  • Grates


    Grates can help minimize drainage problems or serve as unique and aesthetically-appealing windows in outdoor areas. more info

  • Jackarches


    Architectural jackarches are an essential component of the exterior design of numerous banks, casinos, and resorts. more info

  • Keystones


    Decorative keystones placed above windows and doors can be subtle additions or dramatic focal points. Suitable for most façades. more info

  • Lintels


    We offer an unbeatable selection of simple and bold architectural lintels to help you develop an unforgettable exterior design. more info

  • Molding


    Stromberg's molding can be very basic or cast to include a complex design. Available in a number of materials and finishes. more info

  • Niches


    We offer niches for sculptures of every size and shape. Tastefully display your treasured works with Stromberg's sturdy niches. more info

  • Pedestals


    Animal motifs, swirls, classical figures, stone textures, and flowers are just a few of the possibilities for your pedestal. more info

  • Pergolas


    Developing a whimsical outdoor oasis is simple with pergolas by Stromberg. We will take the time to perfect every last detail. more info

  • Piers


    Piers are a vital part of any balustrade system because they provide both structural support and visual variety. more info

  • Planters


    Display your favorite flora in one of our well-crafted planters. Stromberg carries the largest selection of planters in the world. more info

  • Plinths


    Stromberg's plinths are strong, durable, and weather-resistant, and can be finished to match all types of columns and pedestals. more info

  • Quoins


    Architectural concrete or GFRP quoins are stunning embellishments to brick and concrete exteriors. Lightweight and truly unique. more info

  • Railing


    Railing is a functional architectural element found on balconies and decks, around pools, and alongside stairways. more info

  • Sculpture


    Using GFRP, GFRC, or our other moldable materials, we can produce sculpture that will meet your exact specifications. more info

  • Signage


    Signage is a practical element that can serve a variety of purposes when used by restaurants, hotels, theme parks, and homeowners. more info

  • Site Amenities

    Site Amenities

    Site amenities, which include planters, urns, and address signs, make all types of spaces more functional and enjoyable. more info

  • Staircases


    Staircases are a practical element found in many homes and businesses. With Stromberg, they can be breathtaking too. more info

  • Tables


    Our tables are designed to withstand long-term exposure to the elements and heavy use, making them ideal for parks and pool areas. more info

  • Tactile Warning Strips

    Tactile Warning Strips

    Stromberg offers standard and customized tactile warning strips and rail platform edging. more info

  • Urns


    Urns can be used to display greenery or as a stand-alone decoration. Stromberg offers a variety of materials and finishes. more info

  • Wall Caps

    Wall Caps

    Wall caps add excitement to the most basic wall designs. Ask about the advantages of architectural concrete and GFRP wall caps. more info

  • Water Table

    Water Table

    You can protect your façade and help prevent damage to the foundation of your structure with Stromberg's water tables.

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  • Window Surrounds

    Window Surrounds

    We can make window surrounds of all shapes and sizes. Low maintenance and weather-resistant materials provide lasting beauty.

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