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Product Selection

  • Huge selection of stock designs
  • Custom designs available
  • A range of materials to meet your needs


  • Pool decks
  • Saunas
  • Residential
  • Churches
  • Shopping plazas
  • Courthouses


  • Interior or exterior benches
  • Benches enhanced with text and stylized designs
  • Simple pool benches or ornate garden benches
  • Smooth or textured surfaces
  • Huge selection of finishes

  • Interior Benches

    Interior benches are an easy way to make guests in your home, hotel, or restaurant feel welcomed and at ease.

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Benches overview

Benches are so much more than just a place to sit - they're a wonderful architectural element that can instantly make the interior or exterior of your building more inviting. When many people think of benches, it's the traditional wooden bench under an apple tree or the wrought iron bench nestled in a lush garden that instantly comes to mind. It's important to realize, however, that there are many more options. Explore a world of possibilities with Stromberg!

Our materials are designed to handle even the harshest climates, and all of our bench materials will stand up impressively to regular indoor use. Your bench will stay looking like new, and you'll never have to worry about rust, rot, cracks, insect infestations, or the host of other problems associated with traditional materials. Our materials can replicate the look of limestone, marble, bronze, and solid gold. Our benches are available in any color, and some materials can even be painted. Using molds, we can create unusual and unexpected shapes, unique textures, and fine details that you simply don't find on most benches. After you see some of our work, you'll never think about benches the same way again.