Tactile Warning Strips

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Stromberg GFRC produces tactile warning strips in GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) and cast polymer concrete.

Why Stromberg GFRC tactile surface products?

  • Look and feel of stone and concrete
  • Durability
  • Custom shapes, colors and sizes
  • Thin, lightweight and strong
  • 30 plus years of experience

Standard Colors of Stromberg GFRC

  • Brick Red
  • Yellow
  • Gray
  • White Limestone
  • Black granite
  • Custom colors

Select projects and clients:

  • Basic Uses and Limitations

    Stromberg GFRC tactile surface products can be used indoors or out, for pedestrian traffic applications. More Info
  • Color Selection and Approvals

    Detectable warning surfaces should contrast visually with adjacent surfaces. More Info

Tactile Warning Strips overview

Tactile Warning Strips and Platform Edging in Stromberg GFRC

Where do you find the tactile warning strips that are best for your application?

At Stromberg we offer standard and customized tactile warning strips and rail platform edging to meet your needs. All factory direct.

Contact us for a custom solution. Custom colors, textures, shapes and sizes are available.

Detectable Warning Steps, platform edges and tiles

Detectable warnings provide a distinctive surface of truncated domes that are detectable by cane or underfoot. They are meant to alert people with vision impairments of hazards and changes in the walking surface.