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Architectural GFRC panels have been used successfully for over 25 years on a variety of buildings. GFRC cladding offers numerous benefits to the architect, contractor and the owner over other types of cladding or curtain wall.

Benefits Include:

  • Reduced structural loads: Reduce the load on the buildings structure and simplify connections
  • Faster Installation: Cladding with GFRC panels can often eliminate the need for scaffolding because the panels are lifted by crane and then attached from inside the building.
  • Speed: Meet fast track schedules by pre-fabricating the wall cladding panels in advance while foundation and structure is being built. This allows the contractor the ability to rapidly complete panel installation even in poor weather conditions.
  • Quality: Provides a superior product thanks to the factory controlled manufacturing environment and quality process.
  • Quality installation: GFRC panels provide a smoother installation since they are pre made. The wall panels cover a larger area and reduce field work. Specific detailing issues can be resolved with the architect and contractor before fabrication work begins.

In order to get the most benefit from GFRC cladding, the advantages should be fully considered at an early stage. In addition to better quality, more efficient construction and reduced load on the buildings structure, GFRC panels allow for greater design freedom than alternative cladding methods.

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