Barrel Vaulting

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Looking for breathtaking barrel vaulting? Let us help you! With 100,000 square feet of production space and the largest selection of barrel vaulting designs anywhere, we are the world's biggest producer of barrel vaulting.

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  • Custom designs available upon request
  • Exquisitely crafted work featured in the world's finest resorts, casinos, palaces, and restaurants

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  • Interior Barrel Vaulting

    Architectural barrel vaulting can transform any ceiling into something eye catching, dramatic, and truly unique.

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Barrel Vaulting overview

Walk into most homes, hospitality locations, or government buildings and look up - chances are the ceiling doesn't do much to add to the overall appeal or interior design. It's probably quite low, is painted a drab color, and has a uniform, flat shape. Now imagine the ceilings of some of the great churches of the world, such as the Sistine Chapel. Instead of a flat ceiling, this architectural masterpiece is crowned with semicircular architectural barrel vaulting. Aside from complimenting the other rounded arches that may be present, the architectural barrel vaulting found in many churches, including the Sistine Chapel, makes the building seem larger and more open. It also adds greatly to its aesthetic appeal.

Incorporating architectural barrel vaulting into the design of your building is a dramatic addition that is sure to make everyone take notice. Just how unique the architectural barrel vaulting you add to your home, business, or sacred place of worship will be depends mainly on the architectural design company you decide to work with. If you're looking for a world-renowned company with expert staff who will listen to your ideas and do their best to bring them to life, Stromberg is a great choice. Call us to today to discuss your design needs.