GFRS Barrel Vaulting

The Romans were the first people to incorporate architectural barrel vaulting into the design of their buildings to any great extent, and their material of choice was stone. Today, the Roman architectural style is still admired and replicated throughout the world. With materials like GFRS now available, however, it's no longer necessary or practical to use cut stone as an architectural barrel vaulting material.

GFRS barrel vaulting is the perfect substitute for cut stone. Invented by Lyndon Stromberg, Glass Fiber Reinforced Stone looks just like quarried stone because it's made with real crushed stone. It's more than just crushed stone, however - it's reinforced with lightweight and super-strong fiberglass, making it the perfect choice of material for architectural barrel vaulting. It's light enough that you probably won't have to make upgrades to the surrounding structure, and the fact that it's cast in molds means you won't have to worry about the errors and irregularities associated with hand and machine-cut stone. Our system for producing GFRS barrel vaulting allows us to deliver a product that is uniform and meets your exact specifications, without any unwanted surprises.

GFRS barrel vaulting is available in a number of finishes, including buff, distressed, and white. If you're looking for the perfect enhancement for your cathedral or Roman-inspired resort or hotel, GFRS barrel vaulting is definitely the way to go. Call Stromberg today to find out more about this exclusive building material.