GFRP Barrel Vaulting

Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer, more commonly known as fiberglass, is a material that has revolutionized the building industry. Its many advantages over more traditional buildings materials make GFRP the perfect choice if you are considering having architectural barrel vaulting installed.

If you don't already have architectural barrel vaulting in your home, church, or hotel, having it installed can mean adding costly wall supports if you opt to go with traditional materials. GFRP barrel vaulting is extremely lightweight, and it's likely no additional supports will be needed. You won't encounter a lot of unexpected costs, and GFRP barrel vaulting won't place excessive stress on the surrounding walls, which can weaken the structure over time.

GFRP barrel vaulting is an exceptionally practical choice, but it's also a very exciting one. Because Stromberg uses molds to produce their GFRP barrel vaulting, it can be manufactured in an unlimited array of textures. GFRP barrel vaulting is available in every color imaginable, and it can replicate extremely expensive materials like copper, bronze, limestone, and granite at a fraction of the cost. GFRP barrel vaulting is also very low maintenance - you'll never have to worry about getting up on a dangerous ladder to paint your GFRP barrel vaulting, and making repairs is a snap. After you've met with our outstanding design team to discuss your needs, we'll prepare a sketch and submit it to our architect for approval. We'll let you have a look, address any concerns or questions, and make sure everything is absolutely perfect before we pour the mold for your GFRP barrel vaulting. You can rest assured we will do everything possible to develop GFRP barrel vaulting that will exceed your expectations. Our friendly representatives are always happy to tell you more about any of our products, so feel free to contact us at your convenience to get started.