Cast Stone Barrel Vaulting

Architectural barrel vaulting constructed of quarried stone makes for an unforgettable look. Cool, and possessing a classic beauty that is hard to replicate, stone is certainly an attractive and appealing choice. However, it is also quite expensive, and repairing it can be difficult because of the need to find stone that has exactly the same appearance as the type originally used during construction.

Stromberg's Cast Stone barrel vaulting is a perfect choice for diehard fans of cut stone. All of our Cast Stone barrel vaulting is made through the use of molds. After we've developed a drawing and had it approved by you, we'll make a mold that conforms to your exact specifications. A combination of cement, crushed stone, and other additives will then be poured into the mold to produce the final product. Acid washing is the final step after the Cast Stone barrel vaulting is removed from the mold.

Our Cast Stone barrel vaulting is not an unconvincing, cheap-looking substitute - it's virtually indistinguishable from more costly quarried stone. That's because we use real crushed stone, and our production process replicates the process by which natural stone is formed. We can mimic the appearance of most types of stone to deliver exactly the look you want. And if repairs are ever needed, we will be able to match the existing look and texture of your Cast Stone barrel vaulting. Our Cast Stone barrel vaulting is even stronger than quarried stone, so there's virtually no reason to opt for costlier quarried stone instead. We are happy to provide quotes and material samples to prospective clients, so please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.