GFRC Barrel Vaulting

Concrete is an extensively used building material that offers a pleasing look, but using concrete for architectural barrel vaulting does have its limitations, the main one being its heavy weight. Adding concrete barrel vaulting would likely involve the installation of wall supports and buttresses, which would dramatically increase the time required to complete the installation and your final bill.

Choosing GFRC barrel vaulting instead is a way to avoid many of the problems associated with pre-cast concrete. Compared to pre-cast concrete that is reinforced with heavier materials like steel, GFRC is very lightweight. GFRC barrel vaulting will not usually require additional supports, so having this stunning feature installed in your building will be a pleasure instead of a hassle.

GFRC barrel vaulting is made from real Portland cement, so the look of your GFRC barrel vaulting will be completely authentic. A number of finishes, including acid-washed, buff, dark buff, and white are available, and GFRC barrel vaulting can also be finished to replicate terra-cotta, granite, limestone, and cast stone. Your GFRC barrel vaulting will be produced with a mold. We'll take careful measurements to ensure your GFRC barrel vaulting will be a perfect fit, and we'll also make sure you are completely delighted with the design before we build the mold and complete the project. GFRC barrel vaulting contains no harmful chemicals and will not burn - it's a completely safe choice of materials in addition to a versatile and lightweight one. When you're ready to find out more about GFRC barrel vaulting and why it may be a better choice than concrete, contact the friendly and knowledgeable experts at Stromberg.