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Product Selection

  • Unsurpassed selection of plinths
  • Custom plinths available upon request
  • The highest quality plinths on the market


  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Shopping malls and plazas
  • Churches and cathedrals
  • Colleges and universities


  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • Cast stone


  • Complimentary initial estimates and consultations
  • CAD drawings
  • Design and specification assistance
  • Models and maquettes
  • Installation if requested

Plinths overview

Every column needs a solid plinth on which to stand, and plinths by Stromberg are some of the best around! Our plinths are the perfect way to showcase the columns on your Roman-inspired hotel, and they're also an ideal base for pedestals if you want everybody to notice the grand horse sculpture in your casino lobby. Plinths, of course, must be extremely strong, which is why we use only the sturdiest materials around. Stromberg knows that plinth replacements and repairs can be frustrating and extremely costly, so our materials are also durable and weather-resistant, meaning it's likely your plinths will never need replacing.

Plinths by Stromberg can be understated or extremely bold and daring. If you're purchasing plinths to use as bases for classical columns, we can craft white plinths that will set off your Ionic or Corinthian columns and provide much-needed support. If you want your plinths to really stand out, we can make that happen too. Large or boldly-colored plinths and those that incorporate unique stone textures are sure to turn heads. You could also consider mixing and matching finishes or materials, or incorporating other elements like bas relief. Plinths by Stromberg provide support and add magnificence. Call us to get started.