Capacity, Selection, and Experience

  • The largest manufacturer of its kind
  • 30 years of experience completing large and complex projects
  • Custom designs available upon request
  • Impressive selection of products and materials


  • Courthouses
  • Fire and police stations
  • Government offices
  • Prisons


  • Columns
  • Cupolas
  • Balustrade
  • Cornice

Sample Projects and Clients

  • The White House, Washington, DC
  • The Pentagon, Washington, DC
  • Federal Detention Center, Seatac, WA
  • Seventh District Court of Appeals, Youngstown, OH

  • Courthouses

    Stromberg has painstakingly crafted custom products for numerous courthouses, and we restored the Texas Capitol, a National Historic Landmark.

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  • Fire and Police Stations

    Our products function as monuments and accents to the facilities that house each city's immediate security and defense.

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  • Government Offices

    Buildings housing our government and affiliated bodies are not just structures, but symbols of power and measures of society's advancement.

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  • Post Offices

    Whether your post office features a quaint or modern design, we can craft architectural elements to make it more attractive.

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  • Prisons

    Because the condition of prisons can aid in rehabilitation, they need not be the barren buildings of the past.

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Government overview

When polled about their favorite architecture, according to the American Institute of Architects and Harris Interactive, people most often will select designs and structures that are representative of innovation and important to the image of their country and community. We at Stromberg understand the significance of government architecture and architectural elements, and the service we provide in such construction endeavors is strengthened by each of our team member's personal level of respect for governing bodies and interest in the development of nations and lands. We strive to build structures and elements that a people can hold in their hearts and minds.

Our 25 years of experience and repertoire includes services rendered in the construction, renovation or expansion of buildings such as the White House, Pentagon, Texas State Capitol, Seatech Federal Detention Center, Edward Zofrinsky Federal Building, several US Post Offices, many courthouses, and fire and police stations. We have built impressive columns, magnificent domes, broad panels, peeking cupolas and many exterior and interior elements including cornices, balustrades, arches, sills, surrounds, pilasters, covers, caps, bases, framework, brackets, architraves, bowls, spacers, plinths, medallions and rosettes.

Our promise of superior quality is ensured by the use of our fiber-reinforced materials that are comparably more durable, lightweight, weather resistant, incorrodable, malleable and customizable. We are able to cast these materials in molds of a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing for elaborate designs not possible in other materials. Our expertise also extends into the application of more traditional materials such as stone, metal, wood and concrete.