The legendary Michelangelo called domes the most perfect of forms, and they are still an essential part of the design of many hospitality establishments today. On casinos and hotels, domes provide drama and an aura of true luxury-these elements are anything but understated or subdued. If you are considering adding an interior or exterior dome to your casino or hotel, you should work with an architectural company that will listen to your needs, offer great selection, and provide comprehensive support. Stromberg is the company that can offer all this and more.

Over the years, we've crafted prodigious exterior domes and elaborate interior domes for a number of clients in the hospitality industry. Our domes can be seen at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, the iconic Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, the Rios Hotel in Miami, Florida, and numerous other locations.

Working closely with you, our artisans and design experts will help you choose the material, color, shape, and size of dome that will work best with your hotel or casino's lobby or exterior. We can also develop custom domes incorporating a specific color pattern or theme. Our versatile materials can replicate the look of stained glass, gold, and limestone, and can be finished to match any color. All of our exterior dome materials are extremely durable and weather resistant, offering you long-lasting beauty and priceless peace of mind. We are the world's largest manufacturer of domes, and we carry the best selection in the industry. Contact us to find out more about our expertly-designed and painstakingly-crafted domes.