Those who operate the world's finest resorts, hotels, and casinos know that every square inch of their hospitality establishment must be flawless, from the enchanting outdoor fountain to the functional front door. Stromberg's FRP doors are durable, weather resistant, and available in a variety of looks and styles. Our FRP doors are a desirable alternative to wood and metal products. Unlike doors crafted from these traditional materials, FRP doors are not susceptible to rot or rust, problems that can instantly cause guests and patrons to view your hotel or resort in a less favorable light.

Stromberg's staff of artisans, architects, design experts, and production professionals has crafted FRP doors for various hospitality establishments, including the prestigious Cape Cod Resort in Hunstville, MA. Our FRP doors are available in a natural-looking wood grain. We can apply a number of stains to give your FRP door the look of your favorite wood. Some of the more popular choices include oak, walnut, and cherry. If you desire a more modern look, we also manufacture metal clad FRP doors. Fashioned using authentic metal powders, these doors can flawlessly replicate higher-maintenance materials, including steel, nickel, and costly bronze.

Whether you desire the look of classic oak or strong steel, we can custom craft your FRP door to meet your precise specifications with respect to its size, shape, and texture. We also offer a number of other exterior elements, including balustrade, entryways, and door surrounds, all of which can add to the allure of your hotel, casino, or resort. To find out more about our FRP doors, or to arrange a free initial consultation, contact us.