Stromberg Architectural has an impressive selection of architectural elements, the largest team of designers, artists, craftsmen, and production specialists in the industry, and well over a century of combined experience. Perhaps what has contributed to our success more than any of these attributes, however, is our commitment to using gorgeous and versatile materials.

Our designers and production experts specialize in casting an array of elements using molds. Each of our fiber-reinforced materials-GFRG, GFRS, GFRP, and GFRC-is extraordinarily adaptable, making them suitable for virtually any element commonly found on or in commercial structures, including laboratories, offices, and transportation terminals. Fiberglass and fiberglass-reinforced materials enable the creation of elements that wouldn't be feasible with more traditional materials, such as entryways embellished with intricate scrollwork and brackets featuring complex textures and color schemes. Another popular material frequently used by Stromberg is cast stone. Heavier than our fiber-reinforced materials, cast stone weathers better than many types of natural cut stone, and is available in almost any desired color and texture combination. Some clients want traditional designs and materials, and for them we offer products crafted from marble, copper, bronze, granite, and glass.

Our materials afford our commercial clients a great deal of choice, and the properties of our fiber-reinforced materials in particular make them a prudent investment. GFRC products are submersible, GFRP products are unaffected by extreme weather events, acid rain, many chemicals, and salts, and GFRS products offer the beauty of cut stone without the associated problems of corrosion and cracking. GFRC columns adorning a parking garage or a GFRP entryway to an office building will likely remain in pristine condition for many years. For more information, visit our materials page or contact us.