Why Stromberg?

  • Dozens of architectural products
  • Comprehensive service and support
  • A range of materials and designs
  • The largest manufacturer of its kind
  • The capacity, experience, and expertise to handle large and complex projects


  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Dental clinics


  • Sculpture
  • Urns
  • Columns
  • Fountains

Select Projects and Clients

  • Children's Hospital, Seattle, WA
  • Denver Health, Denver, CO
  • Paris Cancer Center, Paris, TX
  • Williams Dental Clinic, College Station, TX

  • Medical Facility Columns

    Stromberg has painstakingly crafted columns in accordance with the highest standards for many types of buildings, including health care facilities.

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  • Medical Facility Cornice

    On all types of buildings, including medical facilities, cornice can add texture, color, and variety to building interiors and exteriors.

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  • Medical Facility Domes

    Occasionally included in the architectural design of medical facilities, domes can make both interiors and exteriors look more inviting.

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  • Medical Facility Fountains

    Fountains in medical facilities provide pleasing background noise, and exterior fountains welcome both patients and visitors.

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  • Medical Facility Sculpture

    Architectural sculpture, although perhaps not as common as other elements, does serve numerous purposes in medical centers.

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  • Medical Facility Urns

    High quality urns are an effective way to both display plants and accentuate their beauty.

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Medical overview

Our nation's medical centers-they're places that offer hope for those suffering with life-threatening medical conditions. Hospices provide dignified end of life care, while hospital maternity wards are places of unparalleled joy for new parents. Regardless of the type of medical institution, architectural design is important. A dazzling exterior and interior can lift the spirits of both convalescing patients and the loved ones who are there to support them.

Stromberg offers an unsurpassed selection of architectural elements suitable for medical institutions. We have designed and manufactured elements for nursing homes like the Springs Ridge Retirement Home in Rockford, Illinois, and hospitals like the Seattle Children's Hospital, Denver Health, and the Paris Cancer Center in Texas. Just a few of the products we can craft for hospitals and nursing homes are urns, sculptures, fountains, domes, finials, columns, signs, staircases, cornice, and window surrounds. Capable of working with a bevy of advanced composites and more traditional materials like granite and marble, our artists, architects, and production specialists are able to manufacture products suitable for most medical institutions in a number of textures, colors, and shapes. For those who want to preserve existing elements, we also offer restoration services.

Because our sculptures, entryways, cupolas, and other products are low maintenance and offer extraordinary value, many of our clients return to us again and again when they require eye catching and distinctive architectural elements. All of our clients-including those involved with the design and upkeep of hospitals and nursing homes-are given free initial estimates to help them with their decision. For more information about our products for medical facilities, contact us.