Fountains are often associated with glitzy casinos and hotels, but they are also suitable for military settings. On the campuses of military academies, fountain pools with ledges offer a place to relish a few quiet moments and unwind from the day's activities. In embassies in foreign countries, fountains welcome diplomats who desire peace and help those far away from loved ones feel at home.


Fountain By Stromberg

For the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait, Stromberg's design and production specialists crafted an exquisite fountain in cast stone. One of our company's numerous materials, cast stone is produced by replicating the natural stone formation process, allowing for virtually limitless combinations of textures and colors. Cast stone fountains, such as the one in Kuwait, are indistinguishable from quarried stone, and weather better than those made from many types of natural cut stone. All fountains manufactured by Stromberg are completed in accordance with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, and our fountain pools are watertight and leak proof.

Aside from cast stone, Stromberg can also use GFRP and GFRC to produce fountains of all shapes and sizes. Our production team can finish fountains to match any color sample provided, and we also have finishes that can emulate bronze, gold, limestone, and marble. Custom sculptures of military figures or meaningful symbols-such as a soaring eagle, the Statue of Liberty, or the American flag-can be incorporated into the design of fountains, and inscriptions or insignia can also be included. All initial consultations and estimates are provided at no charge, and we can assist with details and drawings. Contact us to find out more about our fountains and our other products.