Well designed and visually appealing signage is an essential element for retail and hospitality establishments, but it is also an architectural element that is very useful for military applications. Informative signs that help visitors navigate a memorial park designed to pay tribute to fallen soldiers, signage that displays the name and insignia of an esteemed military academy, signage marking the entrance to bases, and signs that identify areas that are off limits to the general public are just a few examples of how this element can make military areas more identifiable and navigable.


Scott Air Force Base, IL

Using our adaptable fiber-reinforced materials and our design expertise, Stromberg Architectural can craft signs featuring simple text or elaborate designs in an array of textures and sizes. Available finishes for our GFRP signs can simulate gold, limestone, or marble, and our mastery extends to more traditional materials like carved stone and wood. Signs by Stromberg can be placed outside without worry-our fiber-reinforced materials can withstand extreme weather events, as well as chemical and acid rain exposure.

Our company carries an extensive selection of stock designs, and we can also craft custom signs for those who have something unique in mind. Aside from simply displaying the name of the base, naval academy, or memorial, our signage can also incorporate inscriptions and images. All initial consultations and estimates are provided at no cost, and we can work with clients to assist with modifications and drawings. For more information about our architectural signage and our other products, contact us.