Once a structural feature used to support eaves, windows, and balconies, architectural brackets are now often used as decorative elements on all types of buildings, including commercial structures. Brackets can effectively accentuate exterior elements, and add texture and excitement to interiors when affixed to walls or under doorways.

Some of our brackets can be found in the Greyhound bus terminal in Fort Worth, Texas. Using Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, we cast lightweight architectural brackets that met all of our client's specifications. This advanced composite is a favorite material for a variety of elements, including brackets, because it is unaffected by acid rain, water, and most chemicals, and offers the look of concrete without the associated problems.


Our specialists can also cast brackets in GFRP, GFRG, GFRS, and cast stone. Due to the impressive malleability of these materials, a practically limitless number of designs, textures, and sizes are achievable. Intricate scrollwork can be incorporated into the design of our brackets, and we can apply finishes to simulate the appearance of costlier materials like bronze, gold, and limestone. Brackets can also be finished to match any color scheme, and GFRC and GFRG brackets are offered in a finish that can be painted with almost any brand or color. For those who aren't sure whether they want to purchase brackets from Stromberg or another supplier, we offer free initial consultations and estimates. To set up a meeting or find out more about our architectural products, including brackets, contact us.