Columns at Oshman's

Architectural columns are a bold addition to all types of buildings, including commercial structures. Guaranteed to make people stop and take notice, columns are one of the grandest architectural elements available. Stromberg Architectural has produced the world's tallest columns, and we have extensive knowledge of the five major classical orders, a distinct benefit for clients who desire columns inspired by the architecture of Ancient Greece and Rome. We also specialize in custom products, so clients interested in modern and rare designs can get exactly the columns they desire.

Stromberg has manufactured columns for a variety of commercial buildings, including the Norm Dicks Center in Bremerton, Washington. Our GFRC columns span the five levels of this parking garage, providing a look of strength and cohesion. Columns crafted from GFRC are virtually waterproof, much lighter than pre-cast concrete, strong, and rust proof. Fiber-reinforced columns remain unharmed by acid rain, salt, and most chemicals, and their lightweight properties allow for efficient transport and quick installation. Using these amazingly malleable materials, our experts can achieve a number of textures and sizes, and can also incorporate ornate elements into the design of most columns. Our selection of finishes allows us to achieve an array of looks to complement commercial buildings-we can manufacture classic stone columns, emulate decadent gold columns, construct bold black GFRP columns, and fashion almost any other type of column conceivable.

We offer free initial consultations, and our experts can help with drawings, specifications, and modifications. We can also craft bases, capitals, and entablatures to accentuate our high quality columns. For more information about our columns and our other products, contact us.