Pediment By Stromberg

No matter how many architectural styles develop and emerge, structures constructed in accordance with these new movements will likely never rival the splendor and majesty of the buildings constructed by the ancient Greeks and Romans. So impressive was the architecture of these civilizations that it still inspires architects and members of the general public today. For those who want their commercial building to have a classical design, a pediment is essential. Crowning the entablature, the pediment is triangular in shape. The pediment, surrounded by cornice and adorned with intricate sculpture and bas relief, is a feature that inspires awe and wonder, and provides a definitive vertical termination to the building.

Stromberg Architectural has developed pediments for numerous commercial buildings, including the RE/MAX office building in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. For this project, we used Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete to cast a breathtaking pediment. Using this malleable material, we were able to add intricate details and achieve a consistent texture. Unlike pediments crafted from concrete reinforced with steel, the GFRC pediment crafted by Stromberg is lightweight, and will not rust or corrode.

To accentuate our pediments, we can also craft columns, entablature, and finials. All of these elements can be cast in GFRC and other fiber-reinforced materials, and we offer a variety of textures and finishes to ensure a consistent and eye catching appearance for building exteriors. With an advanced knowledge of numerous architectural movements, our team can help clients develop an authentic classical design or a trendy modern motif. For more information about our pediments and our other products, contact us.