A company's office building reveals a great deal about the business itself. Regardless of how well dressed the employees inside are or how successful the company actually is, the outside appearance of the building plays a huge role in how the public will perceive the business. Those hoping to improve the look of an office building don't have to invest in costly architectural elements, such as columns and entablature-adding understated elements, such as window surrounds, is an effective way to enhance a building's curb appeal and the public's perception of the business.


The design specialists and craftsmen at Stromberg Architectural have developed window surrounds for a number of commercial buildings, including Greystone & Co.'s office building in New York. For this project, we used GFRC to help us achieve the look and texture desire by our client. This submersible, lightweight, and rust proof fiber-reinforced material is a popular choice for window surrounds. We can also cast window surrounds in other fiber-reinforced materials, and our selection of finishes allows us to produce window surrounds that can be painted, window surrounds that emulate gold, limestone, and bronze, and window surrounds that exactly match the color of other exterior elements.

Window surrounds are available in numerous sizes and shapes. Our experts work closely with clients to ensure any window surrounds developed will complement the existing architectural design of the studio or laboratory, as well as finials, balustrade, entryways, and other exterior elements. For more information about our window surrounds and our other products, contact us.