Golf courses

To enhance the interior and exterior of your club, facility and expanse, Stromberg offers a variety of architectural elements in a wide selection of materials and designs. We can craft structural and freestanding columns of the five classic orders-Ionic, Doric, Corinthian, Composite and Tuscan-or in modern and rare designs, made from traditional materials or our fiberglass and fiber-reinforced materials, which are durable, lightweight, weather resistant, nearly incorrodable and highly malleable. These latter materials can be finished in a variety of colors and textures, and can even be made to replicate stone, wood or metals.

Our exterior and interior domes, when constructed of these same fiber-reinforced materials, can be cast in molds of nearly any shape or size, providing for a number of daring designs not otherwise possible in more traditional materials such as stone or concrete that have a lower strength to weight ratio or are less malleable. These materials also allow for barrel-vaulted ceilings that will often not require the support of costly buttresses that are needed with the application of traditional materials. They are ideal materials for bas-relief of intricate design and detail, and are easily employed in the construction of mural panels, classical or modern sculpture, and other interior and exterior accents such as medallions, planters, urns, pedestals, benches and tables.

Parties waiting on cool days for weather to clear will enjoy being seated by a cozy hearth with flickering flame. Stromberg crafts stunning and safe fireplace mantels, made of materials that are non-combustible and aesthetically appealing. Or on warm days, your visitors will enjoy being in proximity of the cool, sparkling water that splashes in our custom-designed fountains and rings. Sculpture and bas-relief can be incorporated into the design of these sparkling structures. Inviting and interest-grabbing entries and custom-made doors will create lasting first impressions, and our signage made according to client specifications will inform and bring visitors again.

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