Religious auditoriums

Stromberg was selected to supply the acoustic stone, crafted Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) panels, for the Ave Maria Oratory in Ave Maria, Florida. Our GFRG also was integral in making many complex curves and intersections of the monumental structure. GFRG is one of many fiber-reinforced materials ideal in the construction of towering columns, capacious domes and ornate ceilings-all appropriate architectural elements for religious auditoriums.

Our team of designers and artisans has extensive knowledge about the rigid rules of constructing the five classical orders of columns, and can also custom design more modern or rare columns. Columns can be made in a variety of materials, including more traditional materials such as stone, concrete, metal and wood. We can create domes in forms ranging from the classic semi-spherical to the more complex bulbous. And our ceiling ornamentation can be as simple as added medallions detail, or as bold as barrel vaulting. We also can create classical or modern sculpture, mural panels, bas-relief and a variety of liturgical art.

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