Stromberg offers viable alternatives for attractive exterior design. For utility, we can create cornice, watertables and grates. Our cornice is available in a large selection of designs, and when constructed in our fiber-reinforced materials, our product can be made to replicate stone, metal and wood. Many of the materials we use for our products are waterproof to the point of being submersible. Because of this, our watertables are especially resilient-nearly weatherproof-and can sturdily withstand even the wettest and rainiest of climates. Our grates will functionally resolve drainage problems, or secure housed areas when installed out or inside of windows.

For many site work projects, we have also installed our superior structural elements such as columns and pilasters, and exterior elements such as balustrade, piers, panels, wall caps, trim, pediment and more. All of these products can be created in our durable, lightweight and malleable fiber-reinforced materials. These materials can be finished in a variety of colors and textures, and can be made to replicate stone, wood and metal. Also popular in site work are planters, urns and supporting pedestals, which can all be constructed in a variety of materials. Prominent and attractive signage and address signs can be made in many materials, and incorporate such details as bas-relief sculpture, accent medallions and inscriptions.

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