Sports Arenas/Convention Centers


Stromberg was selected to construct striking cornice, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete panels and custom-designed logo for the Coleman Coliseum of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Panels, signage and ornate cornice are a few of many options we offer in the construction of sports arenas and conventions centers.

We also offer domes of many kinds, including classic semi-spherical and bulbous domes. Our fiber-reinforced materials are highly malleable, easily cast in molds of nearly any shape or size, allowing for designs that are impossible in traditional materials such as stone, concrete or metal. We ornament ceilings through barrel vaulting or accents like medallions.

We can create door surrounds, entryways integrating columns, and custom-made doors made of our fiber-reinforced materials. These materials can be finished in many colors and textures, and can even be made to replicate stone, metal or wood. Our grand staircases are the perfect buildup to such grand entrances, and pair exquisitely with our custom balustrade, railing and piers. We also offer interior elements and accents, such as fiber-reinforced material benches, custom sculpture, mural panels or bas-relief.

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