Swimming pools and water parks


Stromberg has many solutions for constructing appropriate architectural elements meant to contain or involve water. Our fountains with pools provide a ledge as place for visitors to sit-the bubbling water entices its passersby to come admire and experience its flowing course. Our fiber-reinforced materials and Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer lined receivers and pools are ideal for your facility because of their weatherproof, water resistant, leak proof properties. These materials are highly malleable, and so can be cast in molds of any shape and size. They can also be finished in a variety of colors and textures, or made to replicate stone, wood or metal.

To provide your visitors a bit of dry land, we can construct safe benches and tables that will withstand any amount of weight and wear when made from our fiber-reinforced materials. For safety and aesthetic appeal, we provide balustrade systems with ornate piers, and grates for drainage. Our medallions and bas-relief sculpture can grace pool walls, pool areas, sides of buildings, fences and more, and we also can craft custom mural panels or themed sculpture, which will delight your visitors and decorate your facility.

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