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Train Stations and Subways

Mass Transit: Train Stations, Light rail and Subway Terminals

High-performance components for public transportation

Stromberg produces quality durable and low maintenance GFRC, precast and architectural fiberglass components for mass transit:

  • Benches
  • Planters
  • Bollards
  • Building panels
  • Tactile warning strips
  • Platform edging
  • Column covers
  • Signage
  • Platforms
  • Sculpture
  • Wayfinding Elements

Stromberg for Transit Applications

Imagine the ability to create any shape you can dream of for your transit facility design. We produce long lasting, durable products that hold up to heavy use and look great doing it. Products and materials that not only look good but also exhibit outstanding strength and durability making them the ideal materials from which to form a wide variety of three-dimensional components for your project. These products provide pedestrian friendly amenities and landscaping, because better amenities enhance light rail ridership. Safety components like tactile warning strips and traffic barriers that look good and save lives. Customized benches, sculptures, planters and other amenities that are functional, good looking, hassle free and can also serve as wayfinding devices or be used to "brand" each light rail or transit station.

Historic Transit Restoration

For the benefit of the historical districts and older cities, we have over 25 years experience that includes an extensive list of restoration projects. We offer fiber-reinforced materials that are ideal to help renew and restore the life of older train stations and light rail terminals.

Materials for transit facilities


Stromberg GFRC® meets all performance criteria for flammability and smoke emission. It exhibits a broad range of outstanding physical, mechanical, and thermal properties, making it the ideal material from which to form a wide variety of three-dimensional shapes and components.


Architectural fiberglass (GFRP) offers durability and outstanding physical properties for creating three-dimensional components that offer hassle free beauty to any location.


Architectural precast from Stromberg takes on a new freedom of design. Durable, long lasting architectural precast concrete benches, planters and bollards offer ease of use and peace of mind.

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