Our domes, cupolas and finials when created in our fiber reinforced materials are constructed and installed simply and affordably, are durable, lightweight, weather resistant and nearly maintenance free due to their long lasting laminate properties and high strength to weight ratio. As with all our productions, our team of designers and artisans can work closely with clients to customize drafts of any of these elements, to achieve a desired effect. And our fiber reinforced materials are able to be molded to almost any shape and lightweight. These properties allow for an array of designs that are not possible with the use of other heavy, corrodible and more difficult to use materials such as stone, metal and concrete.


Our cupolas are often placed atop domes and can be crowned with finials that provide a vertical termination to structures. They can double as rooms of solitude where congregation members or clergy can marvel over the prodigious view of a building's surrounding area. We have created cupolas that are illuminated from within, which welcome worshippers during evening hours. We have also employed cupolas to crown bell towers and churches lacking domed roofs.

Our domes, the element that Michelangelo called "the most perfect of forms," can be made in a variety of materials and styles. Our team of artisans and designers expertly create exterior and interior domes in styles ranging from bulbous to semi-spherical, with options varying from coffering to fine finishes. Using molds, we cast both our domes and cupolas into a myriad of shapes and textures. We offer an extensive selection of finishes, including replicate finishes of limestone, bronze, copper or nickel.

Our finials are an understated and more affordable element that brings top attention to any building, whether made in a simple design or created to incorporate complex patterns of triangles and spheres. Lightweight, weather resistant and versatile, reinforced finials developed by Stromberg will provide years of maintenance-free beauty for that uppermost element of your building.

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