Stromberg can create surrounds of practically any shape or size. Door and window surrounds can marry every color scheme, tying together balustrades, entryways, roof tiles-whatever exterior element. The interruption of a flat expanse by the use of a surround can transform a building's appearance from aesthetically barren to verdant. Our fiber reinforced materials are weather-resistant, lightweight and can be finished to match any color and a variety of textures, and can also be finished in the appearance of other materials such as stone or natural wood. Our non-structural pediments may also accent windows, doors and aedicules. Or we can construct a traditional pediment: the tympanum decorated or carved, the entirety supported by columns.


Interior and exterior cornice, strictly speaking, may simply be a ledge, but the bold effect of it makes it a popular design feature worthy of your consideration. Exterior cornice also helps to protect buildings, and in some instances can lower energy bills. Stromberg offers over 400 standard patterns of interior and exterior cornice, and our team of designers and artisans can create custom profiles upon request. Our cornices are cast in stone, Glass Fiber Reinforced Stone, Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum or Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC).

Notable among our many exterior ecclesiastical architectural elements and services is our carved stone details and restoration. We also can construct such popular features as custom windows-as with the rose window featured on the Stromberg-custom-cast GFRC steeple of St. Peter's Catholic Church in Canton, Ohio. We can create complex interior elements such as niches for prayer candles, rails, and beam wraps. We offer our services and expertise in the construction of lecterns, alters, pulpits, statuary, statue bases and many more interior ecclesiastical architectural elements.

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