benchesBenches are simple architectural features that serve numerous purposes in educational settings. On campuses, architectural benches promote a sense of community. Architectural benches provide a place for professors to sit and enjoy a friendly chat and for students to take a few minutes to discuss their favorite professor's latest lecture. Indoors, architectural benches in lobbies and hallways can serve as impromptu study areas, and also help reduce congestion. In gymnasiums and pool areas, benches are where athletes take a brief breather before they jump back into the game.

For those who desire a high quality product that will withstand heavy use, architectural benches by Stromberg are a wonderful choice. In addition to our stock designs, we also specialize in custom benches. Details like logos, the name of the school, or other symbols that have special meaning to the educational institution can be incorporated into the bench design. Our GFRP, GFRS, and GFRC benches are durable and extremely strong. Fiberglass and fiberglass reinforced benches are not susceptible to problems like cracking, corrosion, and insect infestation, which can help reduce maintenance costs, an important consideration for institutions operating under a tight budget.Stromberg can also produce benches crafted from cast stone, granite, marble, or concrete.

In the past, Stromberg has created cast stone benches for the Sacred Heart School in Knoxville, Tennessee, and concrete benches for the Kaufman Independent School District in Kaufman, Texas. We can provide material samples, and all initial consultations and estimates are offered at no cost or obligation to the consumer. To find out more about our architectural benches and other products, contact us.

Custom themed benches for Kaufman ISD