Incorporated into the design of many educational institutions, architectural cornice is a simple element that adds variety to a building's façade or interior. In addition to having numerous aesthetic benefits, cornice is a wise financial investment. Many of our nation's campuses contain historic buildings, and costs associated with maintenance are a budgetary concern for many school administrators. Because GFRC and GFRP cornice provide shade, a portion of the sun's heat is diverted away from the building, which can help reduce air conditioning costs. GFRP and GFRC cornice also deflect rain and snow from the building, which can help reduce water infiltration and problems like mildew and mold.

Schools like Atascocita High School, the College of William and Mary, and Walla Walla University have beautified and protected their institutions of learning with GFRC cornice by Stromberg. Available in a finish that can be painted, GFRC cornice can also be fabricated to replicate costlier materials like terra-cotta and limestone. GFRP cornice - exceptionally lightweight and extraordinarily adaptable - is also available.

With hundreds of stock designs to choose from, we have the largest selection of architectural cornice in the industry. For custom orders, we offer assistance with drawings and specifications, and we provide free initial consultations and estimates to help our clients make the right decision. For more information about our architectural cornice and other products, contact us.