University of MississippiWhen it comes to developing an eye-catching and functional architectural design, signage is one element that can easily be overlooked. Signage, however, couldn't be more important in educational settings. Signage displaying the school's name identifies the institution for visitors and prospective students, while signs on individual buildings can help students navigate large campuses and find their Latin tutorial or science lab. Signs can be used to honor a school's founder, display school rules, and identify areas that are off-limits to students.

Stromberg Architectural's award-winning team of designers, artists, and engineers can develop signage for your educational institution that will complement its existing architectural design. Our fiberglass and fiberglass reinforced signs are cast using molds, which allows us to create signs of virtually any size, texture, or shape. GFRP signs can be finished to match any color sample you provide, or we can replicate the look of much more expensive materials like copper or bronze. If you prefer a finish that can be painted, our GFRG or GFRC signs are ideal choices. All of our fiberglass reinforced signs can also be crafted to incorporate images along with text - display your logo or mascot, an artistic representation of your school or its founder, or any other object or figure that may have special meaning to your students and staff.

Examples of our signs can be seen at Middle Georgia Tech and the University of Mississippi. Working with extraordinarily adaptable GFRG and GFRC, we were able to produce high quality signs for these institutions of higher learning that were visually stunning and offered exceptional value. With 150 years of combined experience and a great selection, we are able to consistently satisfy our clients. For more information about our signs and other products, contact us.