Stromberg has been elected to perform work on many a government building, even including The White House in Washington, DC. These buildings that house our government and affiliated bodies are not just structures, but symbols of power and measures of a society's advancement. That is why they are often the pinnacles of architectural achievement. While some stand stoic and minimalistic, others are exceptionally ornate and grand. For whichever tendency in design, we offer an array of architectural elements that are superior in make, and ideal for all government offices.

Our systems of columns and pilasters may decorate a government building, or give support to its structure. These columns can be crafted in one or many of the five classic orders of column, or they can be custom designed by our expert craftsmen according to clients' specifications. We have a variety of designs for bases, caps, architraves, cornices and other accents that may decorate a column. For offices in Connecuh County of Evergreen, Alabama, we constructed columns, cornice and architrave made of Fiber Reinforced Polymer. We constructed Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete bowls, spacers and plinths for the Edward Zofrinsky Federal Building in Omaha, Nebraska. When constructed of our fiber-reinforced materials, columns and their accents can be cast in molds of nearly any shape and size, and can be finished in a variety of textures and colors, or even be made to replicate other materials. We also can construct column systems in traditional materials such as stone, metal, wood or concrete.

A dome is, arguably, the grandest of all architectural features and would make an exquisite addition to those government offices that are of relative significance. We have over 25 years of experience in a repertoire that includes numerous dome constructions. Our fiber-reinforced materials allow for us to cast in molds a variety of bold dome designs, and the number in our team of artisans and designers makes it possible for us to take on projects of any size. From coffering to cupolas, interior barrel vaulting to exterior tile mosaics-our palette of design is unlimited, and our experience unparalleled. And as well as our fiber-reinforced materials, we also can expertly craft domes in more traditional materials such as stone, wood, metal or concrete.

Column systems and domes might be the more classic option for the renovation or construction of a government office, but similarly effective and just as appealing are the many interior and exterior details that Stromberg can craft. For instance, an expanse of building might be artfully interrupted by the addition of our detailed door and window surrounds. A staircase or balcony could be made safer from our expertly crafted balustrade systems. And a lawn could benefit from the illustrious cool of our fountains, rings or pools. We create custom statuary, medallions, bas-relief sculpture and many other architectural elements that give your building the touch of fine art. We offer grates, watertables, signage and various elements that offer appeal as well as utility.

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