United States Post Office in Southbridge, MA

For the Southbridge Post Office of Massachusetts, Stromberg crafted baluster and balustrade as attractive added safety features to the building. In the US Postal Office of Burtonsville, Maryland, we applied plaster to the structure and designed rosettes for ornamentation. At Stromberg, we understand that a building can be quaint and still greatly important. Its architectural elements might be simple, but should still impress.

That is why we offer even the most small or standard of architectural features. Our experience is in a repertoire that includes construction and installation of main structural features, elements of utility as well as architectural details or elaboration such as crafted medallions, rosettes, signage and sculpture, or grand domes, columns, cornice, surrounds and more. Our fiber-reinforced materials are comparably more durable, lightweight, weather resistant, incorrodable, malleable and customizable than traditional materials. Though, our expertise extends into the use of materials such as wood, stone, metal and concrete.

Whatever your need, we can offer the architectural solution. Contact us to learn more about our post office architectural elements and other products, materials and services.