Stromberg understands the importance of a second chance. The firm and fair hand of justice is not without a sense of humanity, and increasingly more leaders have perceived that the matter of the condition of a facility that the convicted will spend their retribution time at can aid or deter in rehabilitation. Prisons, then, need not be the barren buildings of the past.

Federal Detention Center in Sea Tac, WA

For the Federal Detention Center of Seatach, Washington, we crafted Cast Stone columns, covers and caps. We created shop drawings of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) structures for the Mckinney, Texas Collin County Justice Center. And for the Hanover, Virginia Juvenille Center, we crafted GFRC columns and pilasters. Our elements are not strictly ornamentation, but have utility. Column and pilaster systems can assist in structural support. Our custom cornice can often reduce heating bills and provide protection of a building from stain or water wear. We also offer elements that are employed for their utility but also can increase the attractive qualities of a structure, such as grates, watertables and signage.

Our fiber-reinforced materials are ideal for the use of prison construction and will create long-lasting facilities of unparalleled appeal. These materials are comparably more durable, lightweight, weather resistant, incorrodable, malleable and customizable than other materials. They can be finished in a variety of textures and colors, and can even be made to replicate other materials. We also expertly employ in our construction the use of traditional materials such as stone, wood, metal and concrete.

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