Stromberg believes in creating elements and spaces that are safe and inviting, and that achieve a high standard of aesthetics. Our fiber-reinforced materials are more durable, lightweight, weather-resistant and customizable than traditional materials such as stone, metal or natural wood. We can expertly craft your designs in the material you need and desire, but our fiber-reinforced materials are particularly malleable, easily cast in molds of any shape and size, and can be finished in a variety of textures, colors and made as simulations of stone, metal or natural wood.

At Stromberg, we are determined to assist. We offer free initial consultations and estimates, and our products are priced comparably low. Our designers, artisans and engineers help to resolve unfinished details, and provide general drawings and drafts. For specifications, we offer material samples, CAD files and expert advice. And the number in our team of artists, craftsmen and production facilitators means that we can handle projects of any size and degree of difficulty. To learn more about our reinforced materials, custom community designs and other architectural services, contact us.