For those looking to add a design feature that is understated and won't cost a fortune, architectural cornice is worth considering. On all types of buildings, including hospitals and nursing homes, architectural cornice can add texture, color, and variety to building interiors and exteriors that would otherwise be monotonous. Exterior cornice can also accentuate other elements like finials, columns, and balustrade to help create a unified design.


Representatives of numerous hospitals, including Ellis Hospital in Schenectady, New York, chose to work with Stromberg when they decided to improve the look of their health care facilities with architectural cornice. To fill the cornice order from Ellis Hospital, our team used Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). Lightweight, weather resistant, and as long lasting as steel reinforced concrete, GFRC is superior to pre-cast concrete in numerous ways. And because GFRC cornice is cast using molds, we can effortlessly achieve over 400 standard designs, as well as fill custom orders.

Whether our health care industry clients choose GFRC cornice or fiberglass cornice, we can use these adaptable materials to cast cornice into almost any shape and texture conceivable. Cornice installation can be completed quickly, usually without the need to add extra supports. We can assist with the creation and modification of custom designs, and all initial consultations and estimates are provided free of charge. For more information about our architectural cornice and our other products, contact us.