Wherever they appear, prodigious architectural domes transform the structure they grace into something truly magnificent. Called "the most perfect of forms" by Michelangelo, a dome is an element that is not only striking, but also amazingly strong. Occasionally included in the architectural design of hospitals and nursing homes, domes can make both the interiors and exteriors of health care facilities look more inviting and less cold and sterile.

During our decades in business, Stromberg Architectural has designed, manufactured, and installed domes for clients representing the hospitality industry, the military, and the health care industry. The Baldwin Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida, is just one such facility that features one of our domes. Working with malleable Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer, or GFRP, our team was able to mold an architectural dome to our client's exact specifications. The finished structure was durable, low maintenance, and resistant to acid rain, salt water, and many chemicals, all advantages over traditional building materials. Our design and production specialists are also proficient in casting domes of any size and texture with Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. Using a number of finishes, Stromberg can make domes of any color, domes that look like marble, and even domes that can be painted.

In addition to being adaptable and versatile, our lightweight domes can be quickly transported and installed. For healthcare facilities, this is advantageous because the project can usually be completed quickly, minimizing service interruptions and patient inconveniences. For more information about our architectural domes or our other products, contact us.