A fountain's soothing sights and sounds, whether they're from a simple wall-mounted structure or an elaborate fountain incorporating sculpture, pools, and rings, can be a source of peace and tranquility for people from all walks of life. Fountains in medical facilities provide pleasing background noise, and exterior fountains welcome both patients and visitors, and provide a place to enjoy a quiet respite.

McCuistion Regional Medical in Paris, Texas, features several San Miguel-inspired fountains by Stromberg. During this project, we used cast stone to achieve the exact look and texture desired by our client. Closely resembling natural cut stone, this fountain material is composed of a refined mix of aggregates and cement. Stromberg used molds to cast these architectural fountains, and then applied an acid wash to emulate natural stone. The result was a fountain considerably stronger than limestone and more weather resistant than many types of quarried stone.

Cast stone fountains are just one of several types Stromberg can produce. Working with fiberglass and fiberglass reinforced materials, we can manufacture GFRP fountains in any color, GFRS fountains that are lightweight and resistant to chemicals, and GFRC fountains that offer the classic and cool look of concrete without the associated disadvantages. Fiberglass fountains and those crafted from our other adaptable materials can be cast into a myriad of shapes and textures. For those who prefer a more traditional approach, we also specialize in marble, granite, and bronze fountains. We have the largest team of design and production specialists in the industry, and all initial consultations are provided free of charge. Contact us for more information about our fountains and other products.