The brave men and women of our armed forces hold a special place in the hearts of all Americans. Long after the cries of battle have subsided, we still seek out ways to show military personnel that their contributions are both remembered and appreciated. Memorializing individuals who served during wartime and significant military events through sculpture is one way to accomplish this. At the Korean War Veterans' Memorial in Washington, for example, 19 sculptures of brave soldiers crafted from stainless steel commemorate the patriotism and devotion of the veterans of this conflict and those who never got to return home.


Sculpture By Stromberg

Stromberg Architectural specializes in producing custom sculptures for our clients. These rare works can be crafted to memorialize an individual soldier or recreate an entire battle scene. Our materials are ideal for sculptures that will be placed outdoors and shared with the world. Able to withstand harsh climates, salt water, acid rain, and many chemicals, sculptures by Stromberg will serve as a source of pride for military families and the entire nation for many years.


Our artists will work closely with you to develop a design, and our craftspeople will work painstakingly to ensure every detail is perfect-from the fold in the soldier's coat to the haunting combination of bravery and fear seen on the face of every man and woman who has served America during its most trying times. For more information about our architectural sculptures and our other products, contact us.