Bench By Stromberg

For many homeowners, having a yard they can enjoy is just as important as developing a gorgeous interior design. Whether you have an expansive five-acre estate or a compact, fenced-in backyard, benches can make your yard more inviting. Architectural benches can be placed under trees that offer shade from the summer heat, beside soothing waterfalls and water features, alongside pool decks, or on verandas. Indoors, architectural benches are a thoughtful addition for family and guests. A foyer bench gives individuals a safe and comfortable place to sit when removing their shoes or lacing up their winter boots.

Benches by Stromberg Architectural are sturdy architectural features that can be both functional and highly ornate. By developing custom molds and using adaptable materials like fiberglass and GFRC, we can manufacture benches with intricate detailing and eye-catching textures. Unlike benches crafted from wood and wrought iron, our fiberglass and fiberglass reinforced benches are not prone to rot, rust, corrosion, and insect infestations. Architectural benches crafted from these materials are also light enough to be moved easily should one find a new favorite place to sit and relax.

With the largest team of artists, craftsmen, and production experts in the industry and well over a century of combined experience, we are capable of handling projects of any size. To find out more about our architectural benches and our other products, contact us.