During the warmer months, many homeowners choose to spend more time enjoying the outdoors instead of being stuck inside. For those who love to be outside on warm spring nights and hot summer afternoons, having a comfortable place to sit and somewhere that offers some shade is important. Architectural gazebos can serve all of these purposes and more. Many have built-in benches, providing a spot to enjoy a good book. Architectural gazebos are covered structures, so they allow one to savor the fresh outdoor air and escape the sun's damaging rays.

Architectural gazebos are whimsical and romantic structures that can be placed beside koi ponds, in gardens, or in areas that offer enchanting views of cliffs, the ocean, or other natural wonders. Of course, the surroundings of architectural gazebos can also be quite simple. For homes with basic, modestly-sized yards, the gazebo itself can be the element that enhances the surroundings.

There are many companies that sell architectural gazebos, but Stromberg Architectural is a great choice for numerous reasons. We never craft our gazebos with wood, which can easily rot and become infested with insects. Instead, we use fiberglass and advanced composites, which are virtually maintenance free and will quite possibly never need repairs. We know that every home, and every homeowner, is unique. Our custom gazebos are available in a number of gorgeous finishes and every color imaginable. Fiberglass and fiberglass reinforced gazebos can be cast into a variety of shapes and textures. With the largest team of designers, artists, and production experts in the industry, no project is too large. For more information about our gazebos and other products, contact us.