Domes, sculptures, and architectural barrel vaulting can all be used to transform retail establishments into truly breathtaking spaces, but adding simple architectural elements can also effectively improve the appearance of stores, banks, and malls. Architectural medallions, for example, can add texture and color to a building's façade, serve as accents for domes and chandeliers, and complement other elements like panels, lintels, and cornice.

Working with cast stone and lightweight GFRP, GFRC, and GFRS, Stromberg's team of experts has the ability to cast medallions that are practically any shape or texture. Our lightweight materials allow for the development of large architectural medallions, which can usually be installed without placing excess stress on the surrounding structure. In addition, our huge number of available finishes allows us to craft medallions that match almost any color sample. We can also replicate the look of quarried stone, terra-cotta, marble, gold, and other heavier and costlier materials.

One retail establishment where you can find architectural medallions by Stromberg is Jared's Jewelry in St. Louis, Missouri. For this valued client, we fabricated custom diamond-shaped medallions using Glass Fiber Reinforced Stone, a material that offers the appearance and texture of quarried stone and the strength and low weight of fiberglass. These striking medallions adorning Jared's Jewelry's storefront not only improve its appearance, but also complement the tasteful GFRS panels, lintels, and architectural cornice crafted and installed by Stromberg. Our medallions can also be found on the Planes Capital Bank, The Container Store, the Ameristar Brew Pub, and numerous other retail establishments. To find out more about our attractive and versatile architectural medallions or our other products, contact us.