Sculpture By Stromberg

Throughout the centuries, sculpture has been used to honor rulers, praise gods, and remember some of history's most significant figures and events. Now, sculpture is also used by owners of retail establishments as a way to welcome customers and create a positive and unforgettable first impression. When you trust Stromberg's design and production team to craft a sculpture for your shopping center, restaurant, or bank, you can be sure you will get a museum quality work that will complement your existing architectural design. We have experience developing many types of architectural sculptures - classical, wildlife, abstract, marine, and others - and we can craft custom sculptures to reflect your unique vision.

A shining example of our architectural sculptures can be seen at the Cobb Cinema in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Founded in 1947, this establishment exudes the spirit and glamour of Hollywood. In 2005, Stromberg Architectural partnered with this respected establishment to complete a custom award statue. Now located in an area where it greets patrons as they enter the theater, this custom statue was manufactured using lightweight and malleable Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum. The custom sculpture was then finished to give it the look of authentic metal. We have also worked with bronze and GFRC to develop buffalo and lion head sculptures for the 1st Bank & Trust and the Cobblestone Village Gift Shop and Caf´┐Ż in St. Augustine, Florida. For more information about our architectural sculptures and other products, contact us.