Making a retail space inviting and comfortable is an effective way to get customers through the doors of plazas, restaurants, or shops. An eye-catching design can also help encourage customers to stay for a while to browse through some stores or enjoy a bite to eat at the food court. When it comes to making retail spaces more appealing for consumers, there are few architectural elements that can accomplish this quite as effectively as fountains and other water features. Both the sight and sound of flowing water are naturally soothing, and incorporating sculpture, molding, and bas relief can transform water features into magnificent works of art. Because of their visual appeal and soothing sounds, mall patrons frequently choose to relax beside fountains and other water features when they need a break.


Water Feature By Stromberg

Just one example of a water feature developed by Stromberg can be seen at the Eastridge Mall in San Jose, California. Located next to the plaza's elevators, this custom water feature constructed in 2005 is tall enough in parts to span several of the mall's levels. Incorporating abstract GFRP sculpture, water, rocks, and lush plants, Eastridge Mall's water feature serves as both a focal point and a conversation piece. Other water features and fountains designed and crafted by our company can be found at TaMolly's Restaurant, Clear Lake Plaza, and Portofino Landscaping in Shenandoah, Texas. If you want to introduce a water feature into the design of your retail space - whether it's a simple lion head fountain or a grand waterfall - we can help. Contact us for more information about our architectural fountains and other water features.