GFRS Balustrade

Cut stone is a classically beautiful building material, but it does have some limitations. Its heavy weight makes cut stone impractical for large projects, and harsh climates and acid rain can wreak havoc on stone structures over time. For those who can't resist the timeless beauty of natural stone, Stromberg is pleased to offer Glass Fiber Reinforced Stone balustrade. Our GFRS balustrade closely resembles stone, but weighs only about 3 pounds per square foot. The typical GFRS balustrade weighs less than 20 pounds per linear foot, so this material can usually be installed without worrying about additional support. The top and bottom rails dowel to the balusters, so installation is quick and easy. GFRS balustrade is also extremely tough. It won't rot or rust, and GFRS balustrade is completely impervious to water or acids.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of GFRS balustrade is its attractive appearance. Most people cannot tell the difference between GFRS and real limestone just by looking, and our use of molds ensures that your GFRS balustrade will have a flawless and consistent appearance. When you're ready to find out more about this versatile and innovative material developed by Lyndon Stromberg, please call us or send an email. Once you learn about the many advantages of GFRS balustrade, we think you'll be glad you did.